intro: the me in me

hi, I am Dorcas. I am glad that this is a really happening. Never though I would have a blog or even write, but thanks to God for this idea. I am not sure what to put here today being my first day and time here but this journey is one of finding who I am, what my course is, knowing God for who He really is beyond how I know Him now and I really want this discovery to inspire people, glorify God and bring fulfilment to me. I am not going to move alone but I would like everyone in search of a purpose driven life, a life filled with fulfilment and not regrets to join me on this journey cos it’s going to be a bumpy ride with ups and downs, sometimes confusion and indecisions on what to do, how to do it, what next step to take.

The Me In Me– who am I? sometimes I wonder and I begin to ask myself if there is a me inside of me, the me that I don’t know of. what personality, trait or character do I have  that I don’t know of, what abilities hidden inside of me. Looking back at how God told Jeremiah in Jer 1 vs 5, “before I formed You in the womb I knew you, before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations”. I sometimes imagine how maybe Jeremiah was in his little hometown living the perfect life; well to him that was the perfect life and then one day he discovered this, he got to understand he was a prophet. I wonder how his expression looked like; ‘so I was a prophet inside but here  was I living lower than that!’ so who am I; who are you? lets start this journey of finding ourselves, finding God and fulfilment.Aviary Photo_131297254786747507.png

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The life of an alawee earner

The life of being a Corp member in Nigeria (NYSC) is Like a mirage. One day you are a corps member and the next day, POP (passing out parade) and you are like how did it happen?

It’s so interesting to so many people you know; the idea of serving your country, the whole outfit thingy( khaki), the camp most especially. It is like one year of fun, receiving alawee, and you know that year of ‘no dulling’.
For me, I wasn’t even slightly interested in the whole NYSC thing. I had told my friends in the University that if it was possible to remove the program from the Nigerian Constitution, I
would be sooo glad. It wasn’t even on my mind to serve. Off course it was not removed and when it was time to go and serve my country (in black American accent) well I went. I went to ogun state. My service year was to be spent in a place where they are still confused whether to be Ogun or Lagos State.
Well the alawee started coming but as it came, it left like a whirlwind. seriously where did my 19.8k disappear to? In like two weeks; after arranging needs in their order of priority, what was left? 0.0k.
At some point, I was beginning to see the wisdom in King Solomon quote “vanity upon vanity, all is vanity”. What happened to the plans I had, plans to save, to invest? What happened?
Then it hit me; Girl you are a government worker. Hypothesis :an allawee earner and a normal government worker depend on one source of income so that all needs and wants are dependent on that one source and at the end of the beginning of the month *haha, nothing is left on deck to enjoy.
That virtual reality became so real. I told myself; Dorcas you must never settle to work or earn from one end. I now understood the Proverb 31 woman in terms of income and earning (proverbs 31:13-21). Gosh! The reality of earning from one source hit. IT IS NEVER ENOUGH. IN FACT, IT IS SPENT BEFORE IT HIT THE TABLE OR REACHES THE ACCOUNT. Being a Corp member, I caught a glimpse of how the life of being a Government worker without additional means a income can be. FRUSTRATING!!!!.
I learnt Being multipurpose (all still pointing to the glory of God) is allowed in terms of sourcing for finances cos money(Ego) answereth all things ((Ecclesiastes 10:19b) and it is a defense (Ecclesiastes 7:12).


The human mind

The human mind is a place of war.

The mind is a place of virtual reality

The mind is a place of rest

The mind is a place of fascinations

The mind takes us back to those stories we read

The mind takes us back to those memories we love

The mind is a citadel of power,activities and all life’s issues

The mind is definitely a place to be

The mind is a town where lots are casted

A city of refuge for some

A city of confusion for others

The mind is definitely a topic to be understood

Ultimately the mind is one place to be.


The process

The process can be painful

The process can be depressed filled

The process can be hurtful

The process is a desert experience

The process is a process of extreme measures

The process is one filled with risks.

But in that process, I find hope, I find joy, I find love, in that process, I find courage; courage for now and courage for the future. I find strength for now and strength for the future.

The process trains, sharpens, releases.

The process is the God training process. The end result of the process is Gold.


After a long time

Hello guys. It’s been long and I am really glad to be back. I went through a lot but I came out victoriously. During this long period, I went for my service ; my national Youth service, learnt a skill (catering) and really I saw God all the way. For me, it was/ and it’s still a period of training for me. From leaving home to a foreign culture for the first time, it was overwhelming and it still is, to being the sister’s coordinator at a fellowship house. I feel and know that it is God’s training for me for where He is taking me to. With each passing day, I am more convinced that God’s plans for me are close to manifestation and that manifestation is going to be great. The journey of finding myself, Finding God is getting more real and interesting. I am open Lord for more adventures.


My life; Oversight or sight to behold?


Exodus 3 vs 2-3 ” and the angel of the lord appeared to him in aflame of fire from the midst of a bush. so he looked and behold the bush was burning with fire but the bush was not consumed. then Moses said, ‘I will now turn aside and see this great sight, why the bush does not burn”. one thing struck me while studying my bible in this chapter and verse especially the verse. my life. just as the burning bush was peculiar; a sight that made Moses to turn aside and see the great sight; was my life capable of having the same type of effect on people around? could people turn from their uncountable activities to look at me and wonder “what a great sight” can my works, my life and me in everything cause a ‘stop and see’ effect on others? as I journey to find myself; let my life be a sight of amazement; a wonder sight that will cause men to see and glorify God, my creator, and also draw them to God.


The Fear Of The Driver


I put ‘fear’ together with reverence, respect and loving obedience. the fear of God in this journey of finding myself/yourself is as important as the journey itself in fact more important. WHY? because He is the driver that most of us don’t know. While finding myself, I realised that respect for the person driving me  is important and necessary except I want to be the driver and OMG with my inexperience, wow! I will just go down a cliff quickly than I imagined. some of us are backseat drivers, trying to tell the driver/owner of your  life what and where to stop, reverse or continue. It doesn’t really benefit us at the end; does it? it’s like a machine that has already being designed for a particular use and function telling its manufacturer that it doesn’t like its use or the way it has been fashioned. that’s absurd. isn’t it? but we do that sometimes in the name of ‘I want to find myself or know who I am’.

it won’t work out until we return the steering to the original driver who knows what’s best and the best roads to our destination, until we return to that place of respect and loving obedience to the driver and manufacturer of our lives. only then can our journey to finding ourselves be meaningful. what do you think? it’s really fun finding which part is this or that, what this part does, or how that part of a machine was put together and what purpose the machine was made for? together with the manufacturer

Arguing or complaining during this journey will not just work out so just humbly sit down, lovingly obey what the driver says at different points of the journey and besides the Driver I have [ Jesus] isn’t mean, he even lets us discuss with Him our thoughts; Isaiah 1 vs 18, He reasons with us so why argue?

I pray that we all learn to fear not to be ‘scared’ of our Driver, Jesus the driver of our lives and this journey.


perspective- what’s yours?

what do I want for myself? what do I view for myself? what do I actually want for myself? Questions like this often cross my mind and I feel like they are just burdens. but then I realise today that if I can’t answer these questions then I can’t live life. existence and living are not the same. time and time again, I tell myself; I don’t want to exist, I want to live, but if I am going to live what do I see? if I don’t see anything, let’s forget all the living talk because I am just existing.

God works with what we see for ourselves. In finding who I really am, what I am born, I have to see. what is my view; what’s yours?

Genesis 13 vs 14- 15 ‘the Lord said to Abram after lot had left him, loft up your eyes and look from the place where you are, northward and southward and eastward and westward; for all the land which you see I will give you and to your posterity forever’. in my journey of finding myself, what so I see? what is my view; WHAT’S YOURS